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A Light to Cook at Night!

Cooking a mountain pie should not take 2 people and 3 hands. Replace your old handles with a pair of new Moonbeams today!    Pick up a set of Moonbeams and never burn your mountain pies again.

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Moonbeams Mountain Pie Company llc.

Email :

Phone : (814) 327-6432

Proudly Made in Bedford County, Pennsylvania!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mountain Pie?

A delicious dish common in Central PA. A cast iron cooker with long handles cooks a sandwich type pie of fruit filling or pizza or chicken, etc. over a fire.   Incredibly good, but very hard to check for doneness. Some areas of the country may call them "pudgie pies."  

Will this fit my Mountain Pie Maker?

Probably.   There are several different brands and sizes of Mountain Pie maker handles. We currently offer the three most common diameter sizes to match most rod-handled cooking devices.   Contact us if your handles do not fit, and we'll make it right. .

5/16" Replacement Handle:
Fits most cast iron mountain pie makers.  
1/4" Replacement Handle: Fits most aluminum mountain pie makers. 
13/16" Replacement Handle:  Fits most hot-dog stick type cookers.

How do they work?

Moonbeams are a patented replacement handle with a small and powerful LED light system  powered by AAA batteries.   Simply remove your old and worthless handles and slide on a new set of Moonbeams!

Can I purchase a set in person?

You sure can.   Currently, they are available at Coach Ed's Camping, Bait, and Tackle Shed near Shawnee State Park on Rt. 96.   Find Coach Ed's on facebook HERE.

You can find them in Bedford, PA by going to Queen City Fruit and Produce.   Find Queen City on Facebook HERE.

Can I purchase in bulk to resale at my store?

Yep.  Mike at Coach Ed's Bait Shack can help you with bulk supply.  You cay also contact Kevin at

Can I just purchase the idea and make my own?

Contact Kevin about the patent at

$11.99 - Price includes shipping!

Tips for a Great Fit

Dealing with a loose handle

While Moonbeams will fit most pie irons, sometimes the diameter of your rod handle may be slightly smaller leaving your new handle feeling loose.   To remedy this, we recommend a drop of Gorilla glue, or similar product on the rod handle during installation.. Super glue will also work.  Likewise, you could also put one wrap of tape around your rod handle before inserting it into your new Moonbeams handle.  The tape should take up the size difference leaving you with a tight fit.

Where to Order

Order online or grab a pair in person at Coach Ed's Bait Shop near Shawnee.

Order online with Pay Pal below, or send your friends to Coach Ed's to pick up a set in person.

While you're at it get some ice and bait, too.

Order Online

Moonbeams are a patented replacement handle for most common mountain pie makers. PPA filed 6/6/17 #62515866. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing the idea.

$11.99 - Price includes shipping!

Please Note: You can pay with your credit card through Pay Pal without having a Pay Pal account. Simply click the "Buy Now" option below, and then "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" under the login prompt.  

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